Sara | LSU Botanic Gardens Baton Rouge Bridal Session

I feel like all I’ve been shooting lately are bridal sessions and I can’t share any of them!!! I have a crazy busy spring wedding season coming up so that means its bridal season right now with weekly trips to St. Francisville (so popular for bridals!) and I’m loving it! I’m not loving keeping them a secret though! So here’s one I can share (yay!), of my gorgeous cousin Sara who just got married a few weeks ago! (You can see her and Jacob’s wedding blog here!)

There’s a good chance Sara now thinks I’m a little crazy because I was overly excited about her fluffy dress (I feel like fluffy is not even close to the correct term but that’s all my brain is hitting on right now!) I might have made her twirl and swish it a few too many times!!! But can you blame me? It was so romantic! I also need to give a shout out to my amazing mother in law Cindy who made Sara’s bouquet – she’s a pretty talented florist if you ask me 🙂

This one is my favorite! We were just getting started with the swishing here…lol!

The Botanic Gardens never disappoints…I mean, that driveway! One of the prettiest venues in Baton Rouge. I love shooting weddings and sessions here! Side note: during these we had to dodge a giant tour bus that kept making laps to the front of the property and back!! It was good for a lot of dust and a few laughs 🙂

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