February 19, 2019

Sarah | Greenwood Plantation Bridal Session

Blogging two days in a row? Who even am I?! Haha! I realized the other day that I never shared one of my favorite bridal sessions of all time so I just had to hop back on today!

I was looking forward to this day ever since Sarah texted me a picture of her dress when she first picked it out!! One thing that never gets old about weddings is seeing each bride’s personality shine through in the details they choose. Sarah is the SWEETEST person, she’s constantly laughing and smiling, and she’s super super organized. Seriously, I think her & Darren’s wedding is the only one in the history of ever that was like an hour AHEAD of schedule. Anyways, her fitted dress looked fantastic on her and suited her perfectly. I LOVED the fun lace detail on the back and that veil really took it to another level! Greenwood Plantation was such a great setting for this session…it was like that grand staircase was just MADE for Sarah’s long train and veil!

Here’s (more than) a few of my absolute favorites!!

I’m just obsessed with this one!

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