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Steamboat Springs Family Vacation | Personal

Last week, we got back from 6 days in my favorite place…the mountains! One thing that I love about my relationship with Caleb is that we both share a love of skiing!! Ever since we started dating, instead of an annual beach trip in the summer, we take a big once-a-year trip to Colorado. This was our FIFTH trip in six years! (We skipped last year because I was pregnant!)

Also this year, it wasn’t just us! We of course had Camille, and Caleb’s mom, stepdad and sister joined us as well so it was a lot more exciting than usual!

So for every trip we’ve taken pre-Camille, I planned it. I mean, really PLANNED it. I research restaurants, spend hours looking up things to do, where to go, how to get there, basically I like to be prepared…but it’s on the verge of obsession! This time, either because I’m now a mom and I’m a lot less enamored with vacation (nothing is as exciting as my baby), OR maybe because I’m just REALLY busy these days, but I didn’t do any of that. I booked the necessary stuff like the flights and condo but for once just kind of winged it for everything else! And it was stressful…for me. At first. Because I’m a worrier. And I worried that the condo was a deal that was too-good-to-be-true, worried about Camille flying, what stroller to bring…and so on.

But you know what? Everything was fine. The condo was beyond perfect. Camille did GREAT on the plane (snacks for the win!) Gate-checking the stroller was easy-peasy. Basically, I worried for nothing. And I figured out that I probably OVER planned a bit in the past unnecessarily. So maybe next trip I can actually relax a little haha!

Also as a side note, if you’re traveling anywhere with a baby.. I highly HIGHLY recommend Baby’s Away to rent any and all baby gear! Brandy was our contact in Steamboat and she was SO incredibly helpful even when the property management didn’t really cooperate with her. She was great at keeping in touch, personally dropped off and picked up the items…it was just a really convenient process and I was thankful for that! We rented a pack-n-play and high chair and they were worth every penny!

Anyways, here’s a few highlights from our week in Steamboat! It was a great little town, super super nice people, we had some awesome snow, and we got to enjoy a little bit of their Winter Carnival (which I’m kicking myself for not getting pictures of…but I was living in the moment!)

Camille’s first flights! Snacks were a necessity! And she even got to experience the fun of getting off the plane on the tarmac!
Y’all, that picture on the right CRACKS me up!
The view from our balcony!
Okay so THIS picture I had to take on a timer…and the timer on my camera only goes to 2 seconds for whatever reason! This was the best I could do hahaha.
This girl ate, and ate, and ate on this trip!
Clearly thrilled with the snow!! Haha I promise she liked it more than it looks. I just thought these faces were funny!
Absolute winter wonderland…
Caleb pointed out that I “smile funny” with goggles on…but not much I can do about that lol!
I found these on my camera after we got home…That’s us in the verrrrry middle of the photo teaching my sister in law how to ski!
Camille played on/around/under this coffee table all week. It was the perfect size for her and the climbing stage she’s in!
Crazy me decided to start a ONE THOUSAND piece puzzle 2 nights before we left…somehow we finished it 15 minutes before checkout time!
Seriously…the snacks were a lifesaver!
Until next time, Colorado!

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