July 2, 2020

Erin | The Bluffs St. Francisville Bridal Session

I’m reminiscing on much cooler days today with this bridal session from back in December!! Erin was such a trooper in the cold temps that day! And I think after sweating these past couple weeks we’ll take the cold over this South Louisiana humidity any day haha!

We took these at Erin and Brant’s wedding venue, the Bluffs in St. Francisville, and boy was it an adventure! The golf course let Erin, her mom, sister and I borrow a couple of golf carts, and gave us a map (which was actually just a score card LOL!) with a couple of picture-esque spots circled. One thing to know about the Bluffs, is that there are bluffs…aka cliffs…and us South Louisiana girls are not used to driving up and down hills, much less driving golf carts up and down hills in a wedding dress!! I’ve never laughed so much at a session as the 4 of us tried to navigate around this gorgeous property that day!

Here’s a few of my many favorites…you can’t beat that soft wintertime golden hour sunlight! Also be sure to check out their wedding day blog here…featuring my favorite bridesmaid dresses yet!

Erin’s veil was her “something borrowed”…it was first worn by her sister!! The lace trim matched her Allure dress perfectly!

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