Katelyn & Gregg | Rural Life Museum Day-After Session | Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

Last week I shared Katelyn and Gregg’s spring wedding at the Gatehouse in Baton Rouge, and I left out a few images from that weekend 🙂 Katelyn and Gregg opted not to do a first look, and since their ceremony took place after sunset, there was no time for those dreamy golden-hour portraits I’m always talking about. Instead, they decided to do one better, put their wedding outfits on one last time, and have a day-after session! The primary shooter for this wedding, Megan, invited me to this session as well since we didn’t get any bride and groom portraits on the wedding day. It was such a laid-back, casual way to get tons of portraits with NONE of the normal wedding day stress and jitters. In fact, it’s a super sweet, romantic time because you’re basking in that literally-just-married bliss! And don’t even get me started on how Katelyn’s hair, dress, bouquet, everything looked just as fabulous as the night before. (Teach me your ways, Katelyn!)

Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend a day after session if your wedding timeline doesn’t allow for natural light photos with your brand new hubby. I mean, just look at these two!

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