March 22, 2019

Mackenzie | Rosedown Plantation Bridal Session

Rosedown can be a tricky place for photo sessions! It’s a GORGEOUS property, but they close early-ish and are very strict on that, and there’s TONS of shade so it gets dark in some places very quickly in the evenings! BUT sometimes the stars (clouds) align and you get a perfectly overcast-but-still-glowy afternoon, and magic happens! Magic happened for Mackenzie’s bridals and that driveway lined with oaks looked just like a painting! And don’t even get me started on her bouquet – Kali Marionneaux over at The Plantation Florist is incredibly talented, y’all!

My favorite part of Mackenzie’s gown was those lace sleeves 😍 and her long, perfectly-tossable veil! Hint for future brides: if you want to nail the “veil blowing in the wind shot”, go with cathedral length and no beading or lace to weigh it down. Mackenzie’s floated like a dream!

Mackenzie, girl you are so stunning and I had a blast taking these with you!

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