August 28, 2019

Christie and Holden | Rosedown Plantation Engagement Session

This weekend kicks off fall wedding season for me, and Christie and Holden are one of my sweet couples getting married in the next couple of months! We took these photos earlier this year and I’m not sure how I didn’t manage to blog them, because they are some of my favorites of all time!

Christie is a bride after my own heart, and she is very plan-oriented! Which is great because it means we get to chat about different options for her and Holden’s wedding day every now and then! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – I love being a helpful part of the planning process for my couples, particularly ironing out the timeline leading up to the ceremony! A well thought out and practical timeline makes the wedding day less stressful for everyone!

Visiting St. Francisville with the numerous old mossy oak trees and plantation homes is always a treat, and Rosedown Plantation is no exception… I mean, that driveway is just picture perfect. And Christie and Holden made my job behind the camera so easy! So this blog post is a little on the long side but I just couldn’t narrow them any more!! Enjoy!

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